Pole Base Covers

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We provide a variety of  covers. Plastic and metal for standard square and round poles are very common and most cost effective. We provide a variety of sizes. Please watch the video below and you will get a good general idea regarding selecting the right dimensions for your pole.

Most of our customers use the plastic resin covers. We do have metal covers as well and can build them to any size. Most common type for metal covers is the square covers for round and square poles. We can powder coat these for you or you can get them without the paint.

We also provide cast aluminum decorative covers. Standard color is black however we can provide custom colors as well.

If you have a custom cover you would like us to take a look at we can certainly provide you with a quote. You can click here and fill out the form we provided  or you can give us a call us.

How to select the correct standard pole base cover for your pole. Please watch this video.